Digital Archiving for Your Physical Documents

Give Your New York Office a Spring Cleaning!

As one of New York’s premier printers for law firms, Acro Photo Print Inc. is always looking for new ways to serve our clients in creative ways. One of the services we offer is secure and organized archiving of physical files. If you have several filing cabinets devoted to closed cases and old files, or you waste time thumbing through physical folders, it’s time to take your office into the 21st century.

What does Acro Photo Print do for you?

  • We scan all of your old documents
  • We export them to any format you need: DVDs, flash drives, hard drives, etc.
  • We make all old files highly organized and easily searchable
  • We destroy all physical files for maximum security and privacy

The advantages of a digital filing system can’t be overstated. If your firm has been spending money on storage for your case files for the sake of accuracy and good recordkeeping, a digital approach provides everything you need for a fraction of the floor space. Terabyte hard drives (that’s 1,000 gigabytes) are becoming more stable every day, and only 1 is necessary for every document in your firm’s history.

More importantly, digital filing offers a level of organization and accessibility that you cannot get with physical files—even with a highly-trained office manager. Need a document from 1997? Simply search for the title of the document you need and the year. Need a medical file from a case you closed a decade ago? Find the case folder and get the file in less than a minute.

If you’re concerned about losing files to malfunctioning equipment, we can even back up your files to a secondary storage device, so if one fails—less likely with today’s technology—the other one can seamlessly take its place.

Acro Photo Print Inc. wants to help you streamline your office for more efficient and effective operation. Call (929) 244-4322 today to learn how we can help you bring your files into the digital age.