How to Reduce Your Printing Costs

No matter how big your business or law firm may be, they all require professional printing services in order to make an impression with their customers or get their printing projects done properly. Although professional printing can be expensive, there are a variety of things you can do to reduce the printing costs of your next project or case.

The following are some ideas of how you can reduce professional printing costs:

  • Proof read everything. If you discover a typo on the printed proof that was provided by your printer and have to resubmit a corrected version, you could be charged for a second proof and perhaps delays in printing.
  • Ask your printer for suggestions regarding their paper stock supply. Most printers have a specific paper stock they use. Using their default stock, as opposed to a custom stock, can result in time and money saved.
  • Print on paper that is lighter in weight. Depending on the type of paper you want for your project or documents, having a lighter paper stock can save you money.
  • Limit ink coverage. The more ink used for your printing, the more the final costs may be.
  • Ensure that your documents are properly formatted. Having your project or documents that are “print ready” reduces the times your printer may need to send them back to you for corrections.
  • Take your time. Allow for an ample amount of time to meticulously design, edit, prof, and print. Many printers tend to charge extra if you are pressed for time and need the job complete on short notice.

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