Two Printer Security Defects You Might Need to Worry About

Within the average small or home office of today, there sits a wireless printer or multifunction print machine, sometimes called an MFP. The advancements of printing technology in the last few years are undeniably useful, but they haven’t arrived without consequence. As technology advances, so do the potential complications. When it comes to new-age wireless printers, these complexities may manifest as two serious security compromises.

If you have a wireless printer, you need to be aware of:

  • Internal data storage: Printers of all sorts have internal data stores to pick up and queue jobs. While this data is intentionally left inaccessible to the average user, it is not impossible for someone to get ahold of it. Wireless printers in a large office setting may be most susceptible to data cracks, as essentially anyone on that office’s network could try to access the print job information. If you print sensitive materials – such as tax forms for your employees – you may want to consider using a printer that only you can access.
  • Mobile printing networks: If you pick up a mid-range MFP off a retail store shelf, the odds are high that it will come equipped with the ability to accept mobile print jobs, or printing tasks for cellphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. This is hugely convenient for enough reasons to fill another blog, but it also presents a giant opportunity for a hacker to try to wreak some havoc. Viruses can be implanted into a printer through a mobile device. The next time a computer accesses that computer, the virus can transfer undetected into the entire office network. It is a pretty malicious way to find a backdoor into secure networks.

How can you avoid these two significant security compromises? For starters, if your company has an IT department, talk to them about these concerns and see if there is anything they can do to reinforce your network. Secondly, for large-scale print jobs or anything with highly sensitive materials you just can’t risk getting into the wrong hands, consider sending the task to a third-party with a reputation for professionalism.

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