Why Cheap Color Printing Harms Your Business

If you ever walk walked by or saw an online ad by a printing company which was promoting cheap color printing, it may seem like a great deal. However, it’s actually the opposite. While you may believe high-quality color copies are relatively expensive, using cheap color printing can have a negative impact on your business.

The following are reasons to avoid using cheap color printing for your business endeavors:

  • Bad first impression. The moment customers or clients grab a pamphlet or look over your portfolio, they’re more than likely going to question the quality of your business based on these minor details. Despite saving money and perhaps receiving your documents on time, producing high quality documents earns repeat business.
  • Poor quality printing means poor quality shop. Typically, printing companies which promote cheap printing are using a minimal crew, which could result in late deliveries when a deadline needs to be met. Most premier printing shops will provide a discounted rate in order to win your loyalty.
  • Poor quality shops are technologically behind. If you want access to the latest digital printing technology and contemporary inks, you won’t find it at the shop advertising cheap color printing. Odds are they are still using an antiquated or obsolete model, which enables them to sell cheap printing services to their customers.

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