How Printing Contributes to Business Success

Despite our dependency on technology and internet to conduct our daily activities, print is still considered an important part of our lives. There is no question digital marketing has paved to the way for businesses to advertise. To this day, businesses still rely on print services to promote their products and services.

The following are ways printing contributes to business success:

  • Product packaging – Considered a viable marketing tool, the way a product appears can influence a person’s decision to purchase it or not. Even if you depend on digital ads and TV commercials to advertise a particular item, having a package that’s unappealing can still negatively affect your sales despite constant exposure.
  • Handouts still matter – Whether you’re a salesman conducting a presentation or a realtor trying to sell a house, nothing is more direct than handing out paper materials for others to look at something tangible and absorb the information you are explaining. Referring someone to a website may work after the meeting, but having printed materials, flyers, leaflets and even business cards are important.
  • Direct mail works – Statistics reveal that 70% of direct mail promotion still attract new customers for business. In regards to non-profit organizations, nearly 80% of them receive donations by direct mail advertising. Featuring sales of the week and coupons in direct mail can have a more substantial impact than receiving an e-mail.
  • Large-scale printing – Posters, signs and even van wraps can enable your business to be visibly prominent.

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