The Importance of Fast Turnaround Time

For over 40 years, Acro Photo Print Inc. has been printing, scanning, and mounting documents for attorneys throughout New York City. Since much of our clientele is comprised of law firms, we tailor our services specifically for attorneys who require legal printing solutions.

The key to our long-lasting success is our fast turnaround time. For example, you can call our New York City printing company when we open (8 AM) and we can print out whatever you need right there in the office. Furthermore, since we have such close proximity to the courts, we can deliver it to the courthouse for you. Our high-quality service and quick turnaround time have helped us succeed for over four decades. While technology changes, our dedication to clients remains old-fashioned.

The following are the benefits of printing with Acro Phot Print inc.:

  • Fast turnaround time for client requests
  • Personalized customer service
  • Quickly communicate by phone or e-mail
  • Deliver final products in a consistent, expedited timeframe

Call (929) 244-4322 for the printing service you need when you need it.

Enlarged Photos & Exhibits for Courtroom Effectiveness

Making your point clear to a jury means using visual aids. While 8x10 photos can be effective, you’re looking to make a statement. Our team enlarges photos and mounts them for better visual impact. If you need to enlarge a portion of a document or zoom in on a vital detail, enlarged exhibits may provide the results you need.

While digital exhibits are becoming more common, the stability and simplicity of printed materials communicate information to jurors quickly and effectively. There’s also the added benefit of not requiring a learning curve—nothing kills trial momentum like waiting for a digital exhibit to load.

Acro Photo can blow up photos or documents onto foam board up to 36” by 48”—that’s 12 square feet. We also provide exhibits in color or black and white, and can laminate documents at custom sizes. In short, Acro Photo is equipped to become an extension of your law firm’s resources. If you need an exhibit printed and mounted by 9 am for trial, our team can get it done—and we will do so consistently.

We are the go-to printers for law firms of all sizes throughout New York City. Consider making us a part of your firm’s resources today! Call (929) 244-4322 now.