The Benefits of OCR Services

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, creates text files that can be imported into review tools. Rather than inputting data by hand, OCR lets you build a searchable database by simply scanning files. Acro Photo Print, Inc. is proud to offer OCR services for your database needs.

OCR services come with a number of benefits, including:

  • Easy storage for old documents: Never lose an old file or have to search through years of documents for an old case or contract. OCR services make it easy to archive old files.
  • Increased office efficiency: With less time and effort required to store, process, and access files, you can enjoy a more efficient office and devote your energy to more important matters.
  • Highly accurate transcription: OCR translates scanned documents into text files quickly and accurately. If mistakes are found, it is easy to make corrections.
  • Interactive text files: Rather than PDFs or other scanned document image formats, OCR creates a text file that can be imported into review software with ease. Copy and paste functionality can be used to rearrange the document.
  • Simple searches: Rather than sorting through file after file, text searches allow you to search for names, dates, phrases, images, and more. OCR can tag documents with important information, allowing you to see all files for a certain client or case easily. This applies only to PDF files.
  • Constant access to your documents: By uploading your hardcopy files to your company’s computers or cloud storage, you can ensure that you have access to your documents, no matter where you find yourself working.

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