When Is it Necessary to Shred Documents?

Many businesses are currently straddling the line between digital record-keeping and holding onto physical copies. However, computers can be infected with viruses, virtual platforms get glitchy, and digital records can vanish or be accidentally deleted. Even in the digital age, there is value to keeping physical copies of important documents, as these can be exceedingly important when involved in an insurance dispute, an IRS audit, or any number of things. However, to avoid holding on to an abundance of unnecessary paperwork, there are some documents you can safely shred.

Notice that we said “shred” instead of “throw away.” That’s because shredding important documents prevents criminals, such as identity thieves, from accessing privileged information and using it for personal gain. Legal documents tend to contain a great deal of personal, privileged information that could provide material for blackmail and identity theft or put your law firm at risk of being found in violation of various privacy laws. In fact, if a client’s personal information is discovered and used for harm due to your law firm’s failure to properly destroy documents, your firm could be subject to lawsuits, which could have serious consequences for your perceived trustworthiness by potential clients.

Printing Services in New York City

At Acro Photo Print, Inc., we know that even an average number of clients can result in a steadily growing pile of paperwork. We also know it is both to your client’s benefit and the benefit of your entire law firm that you properly dispose of individual papers and legal documents in order to guard against privacy suits, identity theft, and other avoidable conflicts. However, we also know that attorneys hardly have the time to properly dispose of the high volume of legal documents they accrue, which is where we come in. We are happy to help you dispose of important documents, such as:

  • Tax documents
  • Court records
  • Banking statements and information
  • Other documents containing personal client information

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