Digital Documentation: How it Works & Why You Need It

Old-fashioned filing systems take up valuable space and time as you hunt through file after file for the one you need. Paper files have been relied upon for many businesses, but could they be costing you money? Your time is valuable, and every second you or your employees spend looking through files for the necessary document is money down the drain. Digitally archived files, however, are easily searchable, take up practically no space, and can save your business money.

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The Benefits of Digital Document Storage

  • Reduced Storage Space. Digital documents only take up space on your computer, so you can get rid of the filing cabinets and enjoy your office space a little more. Expensive commercial property costs may also mean that you are looking to downsize, and electronic documents can help you make that change.
  • Enhanced Security. Sensitive documents mean that security is vital to your business. Digital documents allow you to have better control over your sensitive files. Access can be assigned individually, and different folders can be secured for different groups or individuals. This system can also leave an audit trail of those who have viewed the document, when it was viewed, and how it was changed. You may even be able to assign alerts to notify you of changes.
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance. Compliance requirements can be complex, but failure to follow them can lead to costly fines, revoked licenses, and even criminal liability. Electronic document management can be used to bring your files into compliance, such as making it easier to classify and store sensitive information securely.
  • Easier Searching. No one likes digging through piles of paper for the right document. Digital documents can be tagged for easy searches. This will ultimately save you time, resources, and money. Your document management system can be tailored to your needs to make it easier than ever to access your files.
  • Better Collaboration. When working with a team, digital files can be a lifesaver. No more lost documents, making copies, and trying to get physical files to different locations. Digital documents can be shared securely, accessed from multiple locations, and are available when and where you need them.
  • Better Disaster Recovery. Though we hope it never happens, fires, break-ins, flooding, and natural disasters can destroy your office. With digital files, however, you will never lose your critical documents. This can help your company back them up and get back on your feet more quickly after disaster strikes.

How Does Digital Documentation Work?

At Acro Photo Print Inc., we are capable of handling thousands of pages of documents and returning them to you in digital format. With more than 40 years of experience, we can help you find the best digital document management system for your company, and we can take care of the time-consuming process of scanning documents for archiving.

Our basic digitization services stores documents as PDFs, but we also offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services. OCR converts scanned documents into editable, searchable text documents. This means that you can search a number of digitally recognized terms, and return results that meet your search criteria easily. OCR can tag documents with names, dates, case numbers, and more, to allow you to spend less time searching, and more time helping your clients.

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