Benefits of Digital Document Storage

Businesses in general store a lot of customer data, but law firms in particular tend to house sensitive information about their clients. Law firms will store hundreds, if not thousands of Social Security numbers, checking and savings account numbers, personal banking information, trade secrets, tax records, trust records, and other forms of highly-sensitive information about clients, which can spell disaster if the firm’s documents are stolen or unintentionally destroyed.

It is critical that law firms keep their clients’ information safe from identity thieves, and other prying eyes. By protecting their clients’ documents, the firm remains vigilant and ethical in its document storage practices, and clients appreciate their efforts.

But what is the best way for law firms to protect their clients’ information? Not long ago, most attorneys kept their clients’ documents in locked file cabinets, but these weren’t hard to break into. Nor were they safe from fires, floods, and other natural disasters.

Why Move to Digital Document Storage?

With advances in digital technology, the best way to store documents in a law firm is to do it digitally. But what are the key benefits of digital document storage? Let’s take a look at the advantages of storing your firm’s files digitally:

  • It can make your clients’ personal data safe from identity thieves and uninvited guests.
  • You can give restricted access to certain files so not just anyone can access them.
  • They can provide digital backup in case of a disaster. Can you imagine if there was a fire or flood that destroyed your clients’ files permanently? The information your firm stores is the lifeblood of your firm and having your files backed up can turn out to be extremely valuable.
  • Your staff can easily access information, saving your company time and money. If you are currently using a physical filing system involving filing cabinets and boxes, you know how frustrating it can be to locate a missing file.
  • Thanks to our digital storage systems, it’s a lot easier to find documents in a hurry.

We understand that it can be hard for some firms to switch over to a digital storage system, but usually it’s because they think the switch will be complicated and take a long time. In reality, digital filing systems are user-friendly and extremely efficient. It won’t be long before you and your entire staff are touting the benefits of the switch.

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