Choosing the Right Page Length for Your Important Presentation

One of the most useful tools in any profession is the presentation. You can gather a group of important people – or an entire crowd – and give them all the details they need to know about the topic of discussion. However, it is just simple truths that the longer a presentation goes, the less people will pay attention to it all.

To make your presentation effective, you need to make it the right page length. Too few pages will leave you with an awkward gap of time at the end, which could make you seem unprepared. Too many pages and you won’t be able to cover all of your points – also bad. Investors, board members, clients, etc. need to be shown the best presentation possible. How many pages does that mean for your presentation, then?

As a general rule of thumb, one page in your presentation will take you about two minutes to cover. If you have to fill a 30-minute presentation window, then you should plan to have about 15 pages. This time estimate is fairly accurate for most people, but you should practice privately to time yourself. You may need to make some adjustments to your presentation content.

Paper Copies of a Presentation Matter

In addition to timing your presentation correctly, you will want to enhance it with a paper copy to give to attendees and listeners. People tend to have an easier time following along with a presentation and digesting the content if they have a physical copy of it in front of them. They will also be afforded the opportunity to review your presentation later for key points if you give them a professional copy.

Printing up a stack of presentation copies with your home or office printer is not ideal, though. Not only will it be slow, but the quality will be low. Plus, it will be expensive as your printer eats up ink or toner.

The solution is coming to a professional printing service company that can rapidly handle large print jobs, as well as binding and finishing. If your company is in New York City, you can come to Acro Photo Print Inc. We pride ourselves on being one of the Big Apple’s must trusted legal copying, duplication, and printing service companies! For more than 40 years, we have been handling the important projects and presentations of major corporations, government agencies, law firms, and more.

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