Can Printing in Comic Sans Be Helpful for People with Dyslexia?

Most people love to say how much they hate the font comic sans. Hate is a strong word, but people really will stand by it when talking about the font. Why did comic sans get such a bad reputation, though? It might be due to the fact that Sunday comics typically use the font, and so it stands out like a sore thumb in professional settings.

However, what many people do not realize is comic sans serves a very special purpose for people living with dyslexia. The exaggerated shapes and strokes that form each letter in the font make them unique and difficult to misinterpret due to dyslexia. As you might know, people with dyslexia will struggle to read words or letters in the correct order. For example, the word ‘unite’ might be read inadvertently as ‘untie’.

With comic sans and its uniquely clear lettering, the chances of dyslexia being triggered by the font are quite small. On the other hand, a highly uniform font like Times New Roman can be essentially unreadable for a dyslexic.

Should You Print Your Reports in Comic Sans?

Knowing the benefits of comic sans, should it become your default font for professional reports, documents, etc.? Most likely not. Approximately 15% of the population has dyslexia to some degree, but more than half of the population despises comic sans, especially in professional settings.

What you should do whenever creating a formal document like a court report or corporate presentation is be fully aware of your audience. Choose a font that fits the mood, tone, and message of your work. If you know someone in the group is dyslexic, then you can go above and beyond by preparing and printing a copy in comic sans just for them.

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