Why is Printer Ink So Expensive for Your Office Model?

Are you constantly refilling your office printer with ink, seemingly after printing out just one report? Does your law firm spend hundreds on ink each month or so? If your office printer is guzzling ink, then you are probably getting frustrated with it and the money it is taking out of your finances. Just why is printer ink so expensive, anyway?

The high cost of printer ink is a prime example of clever business management and profit margins on behalf of the printer manufacturer. Nearly every small office printer you can pick up from a retailer is sold at-cost or less. The manufacturer knows there is little to gain on a one-time printer sale, so they’ll basically give you the machine for free.

What they really want is your money when you come back for ink refills, which happens again and again. They knowingly spike the price to get a massive return because they know you need to buy it. Your printer does nothing without ink, after all. Plus, several years back, printer companies started a trend of making their machines reject any third party ink cartridges. Microchips installed on their first-party cartridges need to be scanned by the machine in order for it to work. No correct microchip means no printing. Essentially, they know they have you in the corner and they won’t hesitate to keep charging you lucratively for the ink you need. Or, do you?

Cost-Effective Alternative to Your Office Printer

While there is usefulness in having an office printer, this machine should not be your go-to printer for presentations, case reports, projects, and so forth. Anytime you need to print in bulk, you should be going to a professional print shop.

At Acro Photo Print Inc. in New York City, for example, we have bulk printing services sure to save your office, law firm, or corporation huge compared to trying to print things in your own office. We can sell each printed page at a low cost because our machines are equipped to rapidly print using toner, not expensive ink. The savings of production, especially in bulk, are passed to you!

Need presentations or reports printed in bulk in NYC? Let us handle it for less money and in less time than you might think. Call (929) 244-4322 today.