What to Do with Old, Important Documents

As the days turn to weeks to months to years, you can start to pile up stacks of old yet important documents. Forms related to your taxes, income, savings accounts, medical records, where your kids go to school, and so on all have sensitive information on them, so it makes sense that you did not just toss them out as you got them. Throwing them in the garbage like anything else could even invite identity thieves. If you run a small business or are a head of a company, then it is all the more likely you have even more stacks of old documents than the average person. What are you supposed to do when your old paperwork is officially out of hand, though?

There are three ways to deal with an excessive stash of paperwork, forms, documents, etc.:

  1. File: The first solution is getting some file cabinets and start filing away all your old papers based on their type, purpose, and so forth. Filing cases of paper is probably not your idea of a fun experience, though. In fact, it might not even be too fruitful since those filing cabinets will run out of space eventually, too.
  2. Digitize: In the digital age, though, you don’t have to worry about a physical filing cabinet to keep all your important records, not when you can have a virtually endless digital filing cabinet. You can digitize the documents and forms you know you, your family, or your business may need later on. For important documents turned into digital files, it is recommended that you save them to a hard drive you keep at home, a thumb drive you keep in a separate secure location like a safety deposit box, and a secure cloud storage service with data encryption. This three-pronged approach to data storage virtually guarantees you will never lose those files, and it indeed makes them more protected than storing physical copies in a filing cabinet.
  3. Shred: When you determine what absolutely needs to be saved for later and digitize them, you should consider shredding what is left. You might even be able to shred most of the documents you digitized to clear up as much clutter as possible. A professional shredding service can destroy old documents thoroughly and dispose what is left securely, so you don’t have to worry about unsavory characters rooting through your trash to try to get your private information.

Acro Photo Print Inc. Saves & Shreds

Do you live in New York City, or is your business located somewhere in the Big Apple? When you want to securely digitize and then shred your old yet important documents, you can come to Acro Photo Print! We have scanning and digitization services that can turn any old paperwork into a file that you can easily store, transfer, and take anywhere. Once we are done digitizing your documents, we would be happy to offer you our professional shredding services as well.

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