Printing & Binding 101: Making Your Report or Presentation Professional

Nothing will take the wind out of your presentation’s sails faster than handing the people in the conference hall a stapled together stack of paper. Few things can hurt the validity of your report quicker than an unkempt mess of information given to the executives in the boardroom. If you want your report or presentation to stand out and stand up during first impressions, then you want it professionally printed and bound.

Company heads, partners, lobbyists, opposing counsel, courtroom judges, and other interested third parties alike all appreciate a well compiled report or presentation. Without professional printing and binding, though, you are hurting your chances upfront. If you do take your project to a professional, though, you unlock benefits you cannot enjoy if you try to make your presentation on your own.

Advantages of using a professional for printing and binding services:

  • Clean appearance: The first thing people are going to notice about your report or presentation when you let a professional printing and binding company produce it is its clean appearance. Paper from high-grade, high-volume printers comes out cleanly and crisply – no crinkled papers from jams. Combined with binding services, your printout will look great and send a message that you have things under control.
  • Easy browsing: The last thing you want during your report, presentation, or dissertation is for attendees or interested parties to have to flip through papers randomly to go back to a key point, or to keep up with you. Binding makes it simple to browse as needed. You can choose from a variety of binding methods, too, like spiral binding, tape binding, or coil binding.
  • Customization: You can add extra flair to your presentation with customized binding services. A bit of customization can help raise the aesthetics of your presentation, catch the eye of the people reading through it, and solidify your message.
  • Save time: Of course, letting a professional company print and bind your reports saves you serious amounts of time. Printing from the printer in your office probably feels like a snail’s pace, and if you do not know how to bind something correctly, then it is going to be a long road of learning with plenty of speed bumps. Pass the task to professionals who know what to do and how to do it quickly without compromising on quality.

For rapid presentation production with custom binding options, come to Acro Photo Print Inc. Since 1976, we have been the name in New York City that law firms, corporations, small businesses, and more trust for printing and binding services. With our decades of industry experience, no one knows legal copying and production services better than we do. Call (929) 244-4322 to learn more about our services and pricing today.