What are the Best File Types for Fast, Reliable Printing in Bulk Quantities?

When you need to print out a lot of important documents in a hurry, the last thing you need is the printer rejecting your chosen file type. Many people are not aware that file types do make a difference when it comes to printing, and it is a big one. The printing process is essentially the process of taking digital information and turning it into physical information, after all. How that digital information is presented upfront – or its file type – is important.

What Can Happen If You Choose the Wrong File Type

A file type that does not interact with a printer well can be problematic by:

  • Automatically changing the selected font
  • Misaligning a document’s format
  • Failing to load an image so it prints as an ‘X’ or blank square
  • Overloading a printer’s memory and crashing it
  • Slowing the printer’s speed due to complex file interpretation needs

Given that the wrong file type can cause all of these problems and more, it goes to say that the right file type will help avoid these issues. But, what is the right file type?

Why PDF is the Best File Type for Printing

Among printing professionals, a commonly preferred file type for just about anything is PDF, or Portable Document Format. PDF is so handy for printing because the information in the file is actually converted into binary code. That is to say, everything printable – be it words in a chosen font, an intricate image, a bar graph, etc. – will be turned into zeroes and ones. A printer can easily get this information and print it out without the need of making any adjustments or data interpretation. In other words, what you see on your computer monitor will be what prints out exactly if the file is a PDF file.

Other helpful file types for reliable printing are:

  • JPG: A file type that compresses images to save on data storage and memory demands. For images that do not need to be in high detail, go with JPG for faster printing.
  • TIFF: A file type preferred for high resolution printing that does not sacrifice on image quality. If your company or law firm has an important presentation that needs high quality images, go with TIFF.
  • Doc: Lastly, document files generated by Microsoft Word tend to play well with printers of all types, as printers are generally designed to interact with computers, tablets, and laptops using a Microsoft OS. If you just need some documents printed in bulk but there is nothing complex about them, a doc file should be fine.

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