How to Multitask Properly to Make Your Workweek Productive

Multitasking is a precarious balance, literally and metaphorically. Literally speaking, multitasking requires you to handle multiple actions or projects all at once. Metaphorically, multitasking is a balancing act because if it is done incorrectly, the whole thing falls apart and you’re in a worse position than if you just didn’t try to multitask at all.

If you work in an office, law firm, or similar professional setting, then you’re already aware of how important mastering a multitasking balance can be on any given day. You might have a client on the phone, another sending you texts, and a coworker waiting for you to respond to an email, all at once. If you can multitask well, then that situation is no sweat. If you can’t, you’re in for a stressful day.

To help you better multitask and utilize every minute of your workday, keep these hints in mind:

  • Prioritize projects: No matter how much you need to juggle, there will always be a project or two with more importance than the rest. Focus your multitasking efforts on your most important projects that deserve the priority. Distributing your time and energy in a directed way, rather than randomly or entirely evenly, can unlock your multitasking potential.
  • Time-block quick tasks: For the little tasks you have to balance, like responding to an email or planning next week’s client schedule, try your hand at time-blocking. Limit yourself to just 20 minutes, for example, to make that schedule. Or, give yourself just 5 minutes per email response, tracking the minutes with a desktop timer.
  • Put down the smartphone: The bane of multitasking is the smartphone, as odd as it might seem. Your smartphone has all sorts of apps that are supposed to make your life easier, including your professional one. However, if you use your smartphone for multitasking, you will be continually tempted to also use it for distractions. When you should be bouncing between email and calendar apps, you might find yourself stuck on social media or playing a mobile game instead. If you have a desktop computer or work-provided tablet, then use that as much as you can for your job-related duties and give the smartphone a break.
  • Delegate to third parties: You should also not be afraid to multitask through delegation. Using the talents of other parties and professionals to assist or complete your own duties is a far too often overlooked part of multitasking. Delegation doesn’t just mean giving assignments to staff members under your position, either. It also means using outside third parties whenever possible and necessary. For example, if you have 200 project reports you need printed for a seminar, why would you do that yourself when there are professional printing companies out there who can do it better and faster?

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