Thanksgiving Break Prep Every Office & Law Firm Should Follow

Thanksgiving is just around the corner again. This wildly popular holiday often sends people to all corners of the country to see their families for an extended break. While family visitations are a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving, it is not so great for offices, law firms, and other similar businesses.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, and probably the Monday after that, you can expect a major portion of your workforce to be gone. The sudden drop in productivity can catch your company off-guard and lead to some serious complications and setbacks—if you haven’t planned ahead for it.

Here are some quick tips to make your office Thanksgiving break ready:

  • Double-check meetings: The biggest hiccough that can happen when some of your crucial employees and staff members are gone for Thanksgiving is trying to drag them all into a meeting. What good is a board member meeting, after all, if only one person is there to both talk and listen? Grab all company schedules and calendars now and go through a double-check process for any meetings that have been scheduled on the Friday and Monday following Thanksgiving. You might even spot a few that were scheduled on Thanksgiving by mistake. Rearrange them as needed, pushing important meetings before the holiday if necessary.
  • Contact important clients: You probably have a list somewhere of your high priority clients, the ones who really help keep the lights on at your office. Send them all a friendly email to remind them that your office or law firm is going to be pretty much paused from Thanksgiving until the following Tuesday. Even if they have no planned interactions with your business, they will appreciate that you thought of them during this hectic season.
  • Get organized: Right now is the right time to get your projects, files, and folders in order if they aren’t already. Only when your office is organized cleanly and correctly can you really get an idea of what needs to be done and when. Organization will let you identify problem projects that need attention before everyone heads out for Thanksgiving getaways.
  • Print reports: A big part of any large office or law firm is printing. Everything from reports and dissertations to meeting minutes need to be printed, duplicated, or scanned. Since you will have some catching up to do after Thanksgiving, cross this step off your to-do list ahead of time.

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