Backing Up Your Documents to Prepare for a Disaster

With Hurricane Dorian moving up the coast, narrowly missing most of Florida and starting to pummel the Carolinas, it serves as a reminder of how much trouble natural disasters can cause. Up here in New York, we are often put on hurricane watch, too, as it is possible for a powerful tropical storm to reach this far before dissipating. With that said, in case a disaster like Hurricane Dorian hits the Big Apple, how prepared are you to save all your important documents?

As surprising as it might be, many businesses, law firms, financial institutions, and more will all admit to keeping much of their documents and records on paper still. Your company is probably not the only one with a big archival room down in the basement, loaded with storage boxes and manila folders. If some or most of those documents are in paper form only, then you are going to have a major headache if a natural disaster strikes, causing flood damage to your archives.

Digitize Your Files to Escape Disaster

What can you do to make certain all your files and paperwork are ready for anything? Buying waterproof bins might help, yes, but it will also be expensive. Not to mention, setting aside manhours to transfer everything from one box to another will cost your company a pretty penny.

Instead, take the modern solution and start digitizing your documents now, before a disaster. By creating a digital copy, you preserve your documents from all physical harm. No matter how bad of a storm rolls through the area, you never need to worry about losing important documents forever if you’ve taken the initiative and digitized your archives.

Simply save your digital files to multiple drives and keep them in multiple locations. You can also use a cloud storage service for crucial documents, securing storing copies on cloud servers that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Disaster prepping your documents really has never been easier than it is today!

Acro Photo Print Inc. in New York City can help you prepare for a disaster today by handling your large-scale scanning and digitizing needs. We frequently work with law offices, corporations, institutions, and other companies with massive archives, taking boxes of paper and turning them into much more manageable flash drives of data. Let us know how we can help you, too! Call (929) 244-4322.