What Documents Should Your Law Firm Digitize for Safekeeping?

Your law firm is trusted by your clients to do right by them when they are in a legal conundrum. Your law firm is also the go-to name among peers and even competitors who need some caselaw insight or a reliable referral. Wouldn’t it be a shame to tarnish your great reputation as legal professionals by failing to digitize important documents for safekeeping?

If your law firm has an archival room stacked high with boxes filled with papers, then digitizing your documents should be high on your priority list. Otherwise, you stand to lose a lot in a fire, flood, burglary, etc. But where do you begin?

Your law firm should digitize the following document types:

  • Meeting notes
  • Case files and evidence
  • Recorded testimonials
  • Court orders
  • Case results
  • Discovery motions

Of course, this is only where you should begin. You should be digitizing the entirety of your archives for best practices. Everything from employee contracts to closed, quiet cases are better when stored digitally and in multiple file locations.

Pay Attention to Sensitive Legal Matters

You need to keep confidentiality agreements and permissions in mind while digitizing your archives. Your law firm handles sensitive legal and private information every day and with every case you accept. Just because you are given something in writing does not mean you have the express permission to copy, digitize, and store it yourself.

When in doubt, you should refer to the party that gave you the document in the first place. Or, if they are unavailable, seek a senior partner at your law firm who might have more information. The document itself might even have instructions in fine print that permits or denies duplication, which usually includes digitization.

New York City’s Archive Digitization Professionals

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