How Digital Documentation Can Make a Difference for Your Business

If your filing system is a bit old-fashioned, chances are you’ve thought about modernizing it with digital documentation – or at least clearing up some of the oldest clutter by scanning it for future reference and tossing the physical files in the shredder.

Chances are you’ve thought about a modern solution to the traditional paper-based filing and recordkeeping system you’re using, and you’re not a lot. Digital documentation is one of our top services at Acro Photo Print, Inc. because it’s such an in-demand need for businesses of all kinds.

Office space is limited, and time spent managing an analog filing system can be time better spent on other tasks. If you’re exploring alternative options, here are some of the ways digital documentation can make a difference for your business.

Less Space Used for Storage

Digital files don’t take up very much space on your computer’s hard drive, which means you can have quick and easy access to any file for any patient or client all in one place. It also means you can either clear up your old filing cabinets or do away with them entirely if that’s your goal.

You can adopt a cloud-based data storage system to manage everything from an offsite server and you can also use external hard drives to quickly back-up data on a regular basis.

Safer & More Secure Data Storage

You might be wary about putting sensitive information into a digital format for computer storage, and your concerns about security and privacy may even be why you’ve held out on adopting a digital solution for this long. The reality is that even the most sensitive documents with social security numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, and more can be safely and securely stored on a computer.

With data breaches of the past have come increased security measures that allow individual access to specific folders and other permission-based solutions. Auditing systems can even be implemented to track who viewed which documents, when, and how they were changed to ensure accountability for both work and security.

Safety in Case of Disaster

Security doesn’t just mean from the malicious acts of cyber criminals – it also means safety from natural and manmade disasters. When backed up to a cloud or kept on a redundant hard drive in a safe location, digital documentation can save valuable and sensitive information natural and manmade disasters.

Whether it’s a wildfire, hurricane, flood, tornado – or even a less epic disaster like a faulty sprinkler system in your office building – digital documentation can help you rest assured that your company’s sensitive information is safe from harm.

Easier-to-Find Information

Your office staff can spend hours going through old analog files to find information that could be quickly and easily searched if they were digitized. Whatever you’re looking for, you can quickly find it by conducting a search through your entire archive of digitized documents. That means identifying everything related to a single patient or client, or finding a cross-section of data applicable to multiple patients or clients.

It’s easier than poring through dusty old files and more reliable than relying on the institutional knowledge of your office staff to remember where the information you need is located.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Your business may be responsible for adhering to certain requirements for maintaining certain records related to your business and your clients or patients. Falling out of compliance can mean harsh penalties like steep fines, license revocation, and possibly even criminal charges.

Digital documentation can help you avoid these consequences by filling in the gaps that your current filing regime has or making it easier to safely classify and secure sensitive information.

Greater Potential for Collaboration

When your archive of files can be digitally accessed, it allows your office to work at a faster pace and even from remote locations if you’re storing everything on a secure cloud. No longer will time be lost trying to locate a specific document in a specific folder to photocopy – by having everything scanned in one location, all you’ll need to do is search for whatever you need to get the job done.

Want to Explore Your Options in Digital Documentation?

Acro Photo Print has more than 40 years of experience providing clients with the means to manage their files, including printing, scanning, copying, and more. Digital documentation is a relatively newer service that more companies like yours are beginning to adopt, and we’re prepared to help you implement such a system by scanning and archiving your old files for safekeeping.

Whether you need to shred old files to make room for new ones or want to move to a completely digital database, we’re here to support you.

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