Running a Home Office? Go Paperless to Manage Space!

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt shaken up the ways that companies conduct business. What were once boardroom meetings are now facilitated via video messaging with participants in different time zones or – less impressively – even home offices mere miles apart. What is impressive is that people found a way to get things done despite the need to implement social distancing guidelines.

The technology needed to make this change was always there – and had been for at least a decade – but there wasn’t enough incentive to push people into using video messaging as the status quo for their business meetings.

The same can be said for running a paperless home office via digital document management and storage. The technology to scan your documents for safekeeping in the cloud has existed for at least a decade, but there hasn’t been much incentive beyond the “going green” trend to run a near-paperless business.

The rise of the home office, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, may have finally given people the push they needed to seek definitive alternatives to storing and managing paper documents. Whether you’re trying to run a business from an extra bedroom in your home or virtually clock-in for work at the kitchen table every morning, digital document scanning and storage may be the solution you need to manage office space at home.

How You Can Benefit from Digital Document Storage

Even when people have a dedicated office or workspace, document storage and management is a major concern. Now apply that problem to the place you call home. Enough people have trouble when it comes to dividing their work lives to their lives at home when they work from a home office, don’t let your documents take up more space in your home – and in your head – than they should!

Acro Photo Print Inc. offers digital document scanning and storage solutions to help business owners and employees keep their homes feeling like home. By letting us scan and upload your documents to the cloud, you can go paperless and save on the amount of space you need to manage your home office. Not only that, but when it’s safe to travel again, you can rest assured that you’ll have all of the files you need when you need them – only an Internet connection is necessary!

OCR Can Augment How You Do Business

When you choose digital document scanning and storage to save space at home, you can also save on the amount of time you spend trying to locate the files you need with optical character recognition (OCR).

We provide this additional service that translates the information on scanned files into machine-editable text. This means you can cut down on how much time you spend sifting through your files trying to find the ones you’re looking for – by adding tags, all you need to do is perform a basic search to locate the documents you need.

Want to Cut Down on Your Home Office Space? Call Us Today!

If you are accumulating paper documents that are rapidly threatening to encroach upon your comfort at home, put a stop to it with a digital scanning and storage solution. At Acro Photo Print Inc., we can help you convert your paper files into searchable digital documents so that you can free up space you need for your home office to function as efficiently as possible.

Learn more about how you can do paperless with Acro Photo Print Inc. by contacting us online or calling (929) 244-4322.