Scan Your Active & Inactive Files to Have Access to them Anytime, Anywhere During COVID-19

Many of our clients at Acro Photo Print Inc. store their old files electronically, and the benefits of switching to a paperless office are numerous.

Due to the changes in the way business owners have to think and operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no better time than now to scan your inactive and active files for remote access at all times.

Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Eliminating the cost of off-site storage for boxes full of files
  • Free up valuable office space by removing unsightly stacks of files
  • Ease of record retrieval
  • Remote access to records – only an Internet connection is required
  • More robust form of disaster recovery

Scanned documents are made searchable and/or converted into different file types according to your digital storage needs. You have the option to shred your documents, and Acro Photo Print Inc. can provide a Certificate of Destruction to help you maintain a record of what happened to old and unused files. We take into consideration that this is non-billable and provide this service at 50 percent less than standard costs. Your service includes a local pickup of your documents, OCR’ing, and – if you choose – shredding.

New to Acro Photo Print Inc. is our mobile scanning service, allowing us to come to your location and scan your important documents with our portable equipment.

If you need scanning services anywhere in New York City, please reach out to us online or call (929) 244-4322 for assistance.