Printing & Shipping Deposition Binders Are Just a Click Away

If you’re an attorney taking your client’s case to trial, the deposition of witnesses can shed light on important facts or evidence that can shape and define your legal strategy. Conducting an effective deposition is always a challenge, and even more so of one when you are trying to organize one remotely.

Printing, Binding, Shipping & More

At the heart of every good deposition is well-prepared documentation. Whatever you need to include in your deposition binders, we at Acro Photo Print Inc. have what it takes to get the job done.

Our Legal Printing Services

Acro Photo Print Inc. offers customers high-quality legal printing services that can handle jobs of any size in no time. Some of our services include high-speed blowback printing, printing digital documents, printing email documents, or printing documents from memory sticks and external hard drives.

When you put us in charge of printing your deposition’s important documents, you won’t have to worry about having your staff use up valuable time and office supplies to complete this task. We’ll handle it for you and deliver high-quality prints that aren’t faded from poor printer calibration or depleted ink.

Our Binding Services

Once your project is printed, we’ll help you put it together. However, you want to collate and bind it all together is completely up to you! We have a variety of bindery options to choose from that can work well for any size of binder. Some of these include D-ring binders up to five inches, coil binding, and velo binding.

Our Finishing Services

Our team at Acro Photo Print Inc. can also put the finishing touches on your deposition binder. With services like lamination and foam board mounting, you can give a little elegance to specific documents in your deposition binder or auxiliary exhibits you wish to present at the deposition.

We Can Ship Anywhere!

Not only can Acro Photo Print Inc. ship to local customers in New York City, but we’ll also ship your deposition documents to wherever they need to go in the U.S. If your destination does happen to be local, however, we offer free delivery!

Contact Us for More Information!

If you’re looking for a way to professionally print, bind, and get your deposition documents to their destination on time, learn more by reaching out to Acro Photo Print Inc. A representative can explain more about how our services can meet your needs no matter what they are!

For more information, please contact Acro Photo Print Inc. online or call us at (929) 244-4322.