Print & Ship Your Holiday Greeting Cards with Acro Photo Print Inc.

The holidays are almost here, but there’s still time to print and ship your company’s holiday greeting cards. If you’re looking for a great way to show your customers and clients that you care about them and their business, sending a professionally prepared and printed greeting card is the best way to do it.

What Should I Include in a Holiday Greeting Card for My Business?

A holiday greeting card from your business is a great way to convey your appreciation for your customers’ and clients’ business. It can also help you get the word out about any changes to your company, such as business hours, discounts, deals, and other things that you’d usually advertise.

What you put in your company’s holiday greeting card is ultimately up to you, but most strike a balance between spreading good will and marketing the company.

Here are some ideas of other things your holiday card can include:

  • A holiday-themed staff picture
  • Personalized note of gratitude
  • Customer success stories
  • Goals your company achieved during the year
  • Important news about your business

What Should I Say in My Greeting Card?

Again, the message you want to convey in your company’s greeting cards is entirely up to you! Generally speaking, thanking customers and clients for a great year and wishing them well in New Year is the way to go, and there are all sorts of ways you can personalize those sentiments.

As far as religious messaging goes, you might want to err on the neutral side of things because many people celebrate the season in all sorts of different ways. That said, you shouldn’t necessarily censor yourself if you feel strongly about acknowledging a specific holiday or anticipate that the recipient will.

Always Check for Grammar & Spelling before Printing

One of the biggest mistakes any business can make when it comes to holiday greeting cards is to print them without thoroughly performing a check for spelling and grammar. Always be especially sure that you spell your customer or client’s name correctly!

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