What's the Best Binding to Use for My Project?

When you’re trying to finish a new printed project, how you bring it all together in the end matters! Although there are several different types of bindery options to choose from, it isn’t always easy to know which one you should select for your project.

Read more to learn about some common binding services we offer at Acro Photo Print Inc. online and reach out to us for further assistance!

Velo Binding

Velo binding combining pages by using a strip of plastic with ridged tines inserted into a correlating strip. Excess tines at the bottom are trimmed with the tops are melted to seal the bind. Velo binds are often used in law offices or other places where slick-looking document is needed, although binds of up to three inches on the top or side can be supported.

Tape Binding

Tape binding is essentially what it sounds like. This bindery option involves an adhesive tape wrapped around the spine of a document to hold each cover and the papers between them in place. You might be familiar with this type of binding in quick-reference notebooks or as a more affordable alternative to perfect binding.

Perfect Binding

If you’re trying to bind your project into a book similar to something you might pick off the shelf at a bookstore, perfect binding is the way to go. This method binds documents to the spine of a wrap-around paperboard cover. While typically not cost-effective for short runs, perfect binding is a great way to give any project the professional feel of a classically bound book.

Need Help with Your Next Project?

If you have an upcoming project that you need to have professionally printed and bound, turn to Acro Photo Print Inc. for assistance. Our experts have many years of experience when it comes to understanding what clients need in terms of binding options. If you aren’t sure which type to use for your project, we can advise on methods that both meet your budget constraints and help you achieve the look and feel your project needs.

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