What Digital Printing Can Do for Your Business

For the printing industry, digital printing represents a revolution compared to traditional printing methods. For consumers, however, our industry’s revolution has been a boon to their businesses, allowing them access to quality prints with rich colors and at lower costs.

Those are the benefits of digital printing in a nutshell, but let’s take a deeper look at what makes digital printing a great option for your business.

Quicker Turnarounds

Digital printing is at its best when something needs to be printed in mass quantities, on a tight turnaround, and without sacrificing quality. If you have a job involving an event poster, brochure, business cards, banner ads, and other marketing deliverables, digital printing can be the cost-effective aid you need to roll out your next campaign.

Unlike some traditional printing methods, like offset printing, digital printing doesn’t need an image transferred to a physical plate before going to press. This dramatically cuts down on the time it takes to complete a project and send it off to the customer.

Affordable Short Runs

Because traditional printing methods can be pricey in setup fees and labor costs, ordering a relatively small quantity of printed products (a short run) used to be much more cost-ineffective. Thanks to digital printing, however, much of those same fees and costs have been reduced or eliminated. This makes short runs more accessible and affordable to businesses of any size than ever before!

Variable Data Printing Is Possible

When a project requires customized data on individual items, such as names on invitations, digital printing makes this possible without sacrificing the speed or quality customers rely on. Variable data printing is just one solution businesses can use to personalize their deliverables to suit multiple individuals or target demographics – all in one project!

Ensuring High Quality

Digital printing services can ensure the quality of a project by allowing the customer to review proofs and make changes before a full run is ordered. If typographical or other errors are discovered during pre-press, then changes can be made and re-submitted in a new PDF or similar document file.

Again, because an image transfer to a plate is not necessary, discovering errors at the 11th hour or making last-minute changes to a design are far more forgiving and possible with digital printing!

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