Document Digitization Is Good Business

The pandemic required people to work from home, and many will not return to the office. Where we work changed. Now, we also need to change how we work. Businesses should adjust to this new reality. If you have not digitized your documents, your employees are less efficient, and productivity can suffer. Acro Photo Print Inc. is here to help you.

Working from home is the new normal for many workers. Their commute to an office has been replaced with time wasted searching for documents in the piles of information growing around their desk. Or perhaps what they need is back at the office. Digitizing documents can help the office hum with productivity, whether they are on site or at home.

What Is Document Digitization?

Digitization means taking a physical object like a document or photo and creating a digital version that is housed on a computer. This digital transformation started in the business world in the last century, but many offices today still depend primarily on paper.

What Are the Advantages of Digitizing My Documents?

Saving trees is far from the only advantage to reducing the reliance of paper copies.

Digitization can boost your bottom line in several ways:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Data Security
  • Storage and Recovery

You will benefit from increased productivity because your employees will have quicker and easier access to the documents they need. They can also more easily collaborate with team members.

Physical documents containing sensitive information can too easily fall into the wrong hands when they are sitting in files or on desks. Client information, salary information, Social Security numbers and more will be better protected in a digital format.

Most offices that haven’t digitized would be devastated if a fire or flood destroyed their important work. Improperly stored documents and photos also can be damaged. Digitization provides safe storage enabling easier recovery.

What Documents Should I Digitize?

You can convert many types of documents.

  • Large volumes of paper files
  • Fragile historical documents
  • Photos
  • Wide-format documents

Can I Scan My Own Documents?

Scanning your own documents is possible, but usually isn’t profitable. Your time and energy are better utilized growing your business. Digitization is a task that is best outsourced. Scanning is often tedious and can also be frustrating if done incorrectly.

By using Acro Photo Print Inc., you can be assured that we are using the latest technology to quickly scan your documents. Our scanning services can handle all requests, from digitizing a few photos for a court case to scanning all your documents and digitally storing them.

Old-fashioned filing systems can cost time and cause frustration. Our archive service brings peace of mind and saves time. If preferred, we can provide the scanned documents on a flash drive, CD or DVD.

Enjoy Convenient Pickup

Getting your documents to us is easy. We come to you! You will never have to load the trunk of your car or hire a service. Acro Photo Print Inc. offers convenient pickup. We even pack it all up for you. Leave the driving to us so you do not lose precious time.

Eliminating Old Documents

After digitization, some documentation may be required to also remain in a physical storage. For everything else, our shredding service safeguards private information from unwanted eyes. This service is perfect for sensitive documents you don’t digitize, but do not want to simply throw into your trash can.

Experience Matters

Our 40-plus years of serving New York City is a testament to our dedication to our customers. Our family business utilizes the latest technology while never forgetting the value of customer service.

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