Matte or Glossy? How to Choose the Photo Paper That’s Right for Your Needs.

When it comes to photo printing, there might not be a more important decision to make than choosing the kind of paper you want to preserve a precious memory. Different types of photo papers feature an assortment of varying qualities, but in most cases, the hardest decision to make is whether to go with a matte or glossy photo paper.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different qualities of each to help you decide which type of photo paper to go with!

What’s the Difference Between Glossy and Matte Photo Paper?

Glossy Paper

The first thing pretty much anyone notices about glossy paper is that it has a sheen that reflects light. Most photos are printed on glossy paper as a matter of course because it enhances the vibrance of colors and gives off a sleek, professional quality. That said, glossy paper can create glares that aren’t for everybody. They are also more prone to smudging from fingerprints, which become all the more obvious when light hits a document the right way.

Glossy paper is great for drawing attention to an image, so you might only consider it if you’re printing photos that will be individually framed. It’s also good for certain types of business deliverables, although you might want to go with a semi-gloss than a high-gloss paper.

Matte Photo Paper

Matte photo paper is a very versatile type of photo paper that can work with both inkjet and laser printers, due to its lack of a glossy finish. This gives matte prints a very muted look, so it might not be right for every project. That said, matte is currently trending as the popular way to give a photo or document a subtle and sophisticated appearance.

Matte paper is the way to go if you’re creating a photobook or have business deliverables that you expect will be handled quite frequently. It’s also great for large prints or posters that will be displayed in areas that get a lot of sunlight.

Which Should You Select?

When it comes to photo printing, choosing glossy or matte is really a matter of preference than anything. There is no “right” or “wrong” decision you can make. That said, each type of photo paper has its own unique qualities that may enhance or hamper the effect you’re trying to achieve for your project.

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