How to Bring Your Printed Project to the Next Level

Whether you run a small business or manage a portion of a much larger business, the way your clients and supervisors view you and your work is your key to success.

You know how much hard work you put into your projects and reports, but printing these out on the office’s inkjet printer can play a sour note in the minds of your audience. Don’t worry, though – there’s a better way, and we at Acro Photo Print Inc. can help anyone who’s trying to take their project to the next level.

Finishing Touches for Your Next Project

Whether you’re presenting your magnum opus, evidence in court, or even a routine quarterly report, the finishing touches you invest in can elevate the gravitas of your project. There are plenty of options to choose from to make your project stand out – keep reading to learn more!

Paper Stock

If you thought your only option was white printer paper, you’re in for a surprise. There are tons of different kinds of paper stock to choose from! You can customize how your project looks by choosing the size, aspect ratio, and color of the paper you’re using. You can also make an impact by choosing weightier paper stock that feels firmer and more secure, or a lighter type of paper that can help you reduce the overall weight of a large booklet or folio.


Your project can literally come together in all sorts of ways, thanks to a variety of binding options we offer at Acro Photo Print Inc.

Trying to create a book or booklet? Velo, tape, or saddle stitching binds might be good options for you! These can give your project the look and feel of a traditionally bound book and work great for smaller-scale projects. Working on a manual or report? Coil, comb, and wire binding are fine options, especially if you want your project to lay flat while open on a surface.

There are many different ways to bind a project, and each can convey something different about what yours has to say. Consult with one of our experts if you aren’t sure which type of binding is right for you!


If it’s important to increase the durability of your project and preserve its appearance for a long time, lamination is a great option to choose. Not only can lamination save a project from coffee spills and oily hands, but it can also protect the contents of your project against wear-and-tear that naturally happens to paper over time.


Making sure your audience can navigate your project is a big deal! Without proper labeling, it could be anyone’s guess where to find the information needed on a moment’s notice. Whether it’s page numbers, section titles, tabs, or any other kind of labeling, we at Acro Photo Print Inc. can meet your needs!

Foam Board Mounting

If your project requires a more interactive element or something that stands out, mounting enlarged images and information on foam board can be the way to do it. You can use foam board-mounted elements to add visual aids to your presentation or emphasize important, need-to-know information.

Need a Finishing Touch? We Can Help!

All of the services you just read about – and more! – are available with Acro Photo Print Inc. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you decide which finishing touches can help you bring your project to the next level.

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