7 Things You Should Put on Your Business Card

Your business card is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. It’s a chance to make a lasting impression with something that has all of the information someone needs to reach out to you.

What Do I Put on My Business Cards?

You probably know the basics of what should go on your business card, but in case you’re unsure, we’ve compiled a small list to help business owners like you make an impactful connection.

1. Your Company’s Name

Without including your company’s name, your new contacts might forget why meeting you was so important and what you can help them do.

2. Your Company’s Logo

Including your company’s logo on your business card can help people learn to identify your company at a glance.

3. Your Company’s Slogan or Tagline

If your company uses a slogan or tagline, including this on your business card can be a helpful reminder of what your business does, the quality it offers, or feature another important aspect you want to be known for.

4. Your Name

Including your name on your business card helps people remember you and the impression you made.

5. Your Job Title

Providing your job title on your business card can serve two purposes: For one, it can remind people why they met you and the services or products you can connect them with. It can also serve as a personal marketing tool, helping you to build your brand as an expert in whatever it is your business does.

6. Your Contact Information

A business card’s ultimate purpose is to provide your potential clients with information on how they can contact you. Most business cards include telephone numbers (landlines and cell numbers), fax numbers, emails, and other ways people can get in contact with each other.

7. Your Company’s Website

You’ll definitely want to include your company’s website address, especially if the URL is a little different than what your potential clients would expect it to be. This will allow them to read more about your products and services on their own time and learn more about what makes your company so great.

Do You Need Help with Your Company’s Business Cards?

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