Effective Design and Presentation Part II

In our previous installment of the Principles of Design, we discussed composition and its application to visual and written work. This week, we are completing the composition chapter of our principle’s series.


Previously, we covered focus, lead lines, and scale. Focus is drawing the eye to important information while lead lines and scale guide the eye from point to point according to importance. These elements are critical to good design, but as with most things they work better together.


A great combo with focus and scale is balance. Balance makes a work feel comfortable, palatable. Without balance, the viewer may feel confused or even irritated and the work itself appears messy. However, balance does not always mean the same accent graphic on both sides of the piece. Symmetrical balance is the most traditional and intuitive form of balance, but asymmetrical balance can also be a beneficial tool.

Asymmetrical balance is placing attention grabbing elements off-center and stacking smaller elements on the other side or top and bottom to offset the larger elements. In many ways, asymmetrical balance relies on an understanding of scale.

Complementary Elements

Whether you are using complementary colors, typefaces, or graphics, complementary features are pleasing to the eye and make the reading experience more enriched. Complementary elements are also key elements of good branding.

For example, complementary colors are those found on opposite sides of the color wheel like blue and red or yellow and purple. Using those color combinations emphasizes balance and draws the viewer in.


Contrast is one of the easiest elements to incorporate into design. Using black and white or light and dark colors and shades opposite of one another helps the design to stand out and attract the attention of the viewer.

While contrast is the easiest element to incorporate, it also relies on high quality printing. True, deep tones do not have as high an impact if they are grainy when printed. Design relies on composition, but execution is just as important.

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