How to Create an Effective Business Flyer

Flyer marketing is a great and inexpensive way to get the word out about your company! If you need to advertise a new promotion or simply generate some buzz about your company, posting flyers help you capture the attention of potential clients and customers.

Not all flyers are created equal, though! Without some consideration toward what to put on your flyer and how to make it stand out, your efforts could be in vain – or, worse yet, could work against the reputation you’re trying to build for your company!

Below are a few tips you can use to make sure your flyer is as effective as possible!

Understand the Purpose for Your Flyer

Before you do anything, make sure you completely understand the purpose of your flyer. Are you promoting an event? Are you trying to sell a product or service? Are you trying to generate awareness or build brand recognition?

Whatever your intent is for your flyer, however simple it may be, make sure you understand it. In fact, it might even be best to have a simple purpose for your flyer. Any document that tries to achieve too much may not achieve anything at all!

Write Clear & Concise Content

The content of your flyer should be clear and concise. This means providing only the essential information a reader will need to understand who you are, what you’re offering, and how they can get in on it.

Make sure that you’re getting your message across as efficiently as possible! Few people are willing to read blocks of text on a flyer, so write what’s necessary but keep the word count to a minimum.

Include All Relevant Details

It should go without saying, but make sure you don’t miss any important details. Information like dates, times, prices, promotional details, addresses, directions, and ways to contact your business is important above all else!

Make Your Content Easy to Digest

If you want your readers to easily digest your content, make sure you put some thought into where it goes on your flyer. Avoid bunching sections of text together if one or more of them can go somewhere else on the page.

Also, be sure to use headers to your advantage! A new header should always set off a new section of content. If you’re at risk of creating a big block of text, set off different pieces of your content with subheaders under one larger header.

Make an Impact!

Whether it’s a catchy headline, an interesting graphic design feature, or an appealing image, make sure your flyer has what it takes to create an immediate impact. This means that your flyer should have something about it that gets attention and draws interest toward itself.

If you’re not sure if your flyer is making an impact, try posting it up across the room far enough that you can’t really read the fine print. If you’re not seeing interesting text, colors, or graphics, your flyer’s design might not be effective enough to grab attention.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Your call to action is what you want people to do because they’ve seen your flyer. Go back to your flyer’s purpose – if it was to sell something, is your flyer calling upon the viewer to make a purchase? If you’re advertising an event, does your flyer make it clear that someone should make reservations or purchase a ticket?

Don’t assume that a viewer will know what to do with your flyer. Show it to someone you trust who doesn’t know your purpose for the flyer and ask them what they think the flyer is telling them to do. If that aligns with your purpose, then you probably have a clear call to action.

Make Sure You Print Enough High-Quality Flyers

Flyers are time-tested marketing tools, but they’re only as effective as their number and quality. If you don’t have enough flyers, it won’t matter how well they’re printed; likewise, it won’t matter how many flyers you post if they were poorly printed.

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