Think Big: Why Professional Design and Finishing Matters

When you need to present data of any kind, whether it is a chart for the jury or a presentation for law school, remember presentation is everything! How you present data is often just as, if not more important than the data itself. So, when it comes to presentations, think big!

The Eyes are the Windows to Your Argument

Most people, 65% of them in fact are visual learners. Sayings like “the eyes are the windows of the soul” exist for this reason and it is important to understand the critical role visuals play in understanding information.

While many people are auditory or tactile learners, the majority of people are visual learners or a mix of auditory/tactile and visual. This means that any point you are trying to get across has a better chance of landing if you have a visual to go along with it.

In complex situations where a person or group must digest vast amounts of information in a relatively brief period of time, a well-organized infographic or easy-to-read chart can go a long way. For example, in juried criminal trials, keeping timelines, witnesses, and other details straight can be difficult for even the most attentive juror. Having a well-displayed timeline in the courtroom not only provides a visual to keep the information top of mind but also helps the jurors to make a more informed decision.

While it may seem like an exaggeration, visuals in a courtroom can save lives. If the jury reaches a verdict on a misunderstanding, an innocent person could go to prison leaving their families destitute. It is also important to note that legal terminology is difficult to understand if you do not have a legal background. Visual aids of any kind can bring clarity and understanding.


For law firms, branding may not always be a priority, but your brand is what people recognize and remember. A detail as small as your logo on a mounted visual aid could lead a potential client to choose you.

It is also important to note that people know when branding is done poorly. If you have enlarged photos with a logo in the corner, but the logo is blurry or warped it could easily discourage clients from entrusting their case to you.

At the heart of it, branding is often what encourages trust. Trustworthy brands like Shell and Starbucks have powerful and consistent branding across all platforms and products. Consumers recognize the logo or branding of these companies and feel a sense of familiarity and trust. For example, if you are driving through the desert and you pass a gas station you have never heard of but there is a Shell station a few miles down the road, you are more likely to go to the brand you trust the most.

With law firms and other businesses, national recognition may not be the point, but conversion is – you want clients to choose you. Adding your branding in a clean, quality way can be as good as money in the bank for most people.

Quality is Key

When making your brand consistent, you must prioritize quality. Visuals are important, but a poorly executed visual aid can detract from your argument and discourage consumers, potential clients, and jurors or trial attendees from finding the truth in the evidence you are presenting.

Do-it-yourself visuals are fine, but when the stakes are high and the reputation you have cultivated over the years is on the line, quality must take precedence over quantity. Having digital documents professionally printed or a chart mounted and labeled often sets you apart. The devil is in the details, but you can present clean, quality visuals that clearly explain your point and persuade your audience.

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