Are Brochures Dead?

In the digital age, it is easy to dismiss traditional print tactics like brochures, fliers, and other physical media. However, in a world full of virtual noise, sometimes physical media has an edge. So, are brochures dead? We do not think so. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Brochure?

Brochures are single or multi-page folded papers typically used to advertise a business or sell a product. A brochure is often folded into three distinct sections lengthwise, but this construction can be varied depending on the purpose and materials used. In most cases, brochures are used to sell or advertise multiple products or services on a single document. They also have room to describe the product or service in more detail than a postcard or flier.

While most advertising materials have gone digital, some print media remains effective.

Simple and Effective

Brochures are not dead by any means and are some of the most cost-effective and versatile marketing tools in an advertiser or business’s arsenal. These small but powerful materials are easy to produce and distribute and cost significantly less than other advertising mediums.

Brochures can clearly address the company’s mission and services by relaying core ideas, introducing new products or services, explaining the business offerings, and taking the reader through a journey. Not only are brochures packed with powerful information, but they can also be passed around or mailed to other customers. This broadens the distribution of information and makes word-of-mouth advertising more effective.

What Makes a Good Brochure?

Effective brochures are engaging, informative, and feature key bits of information. Some brochures use mostly visuals and graphics to get the message across while others use the extra space to explain a product, concept, or service on a more in-depth level than can be accomplished with a postcard.

Brochures provide ample space for graphs, charts, and infographics to highlight key features or unique selling points. Additionally, some businesses may use a brochure as a vehicle for coupons or promotions to encourage sales or interest in the business.

However, even the most effective and direct content can be nullified by poor presentation. If a brochure is printed on low-quality paper or with inferior inks, it can diminish the efficiency of the brochure and even dissuade the reader from engaging with the content.

Professional Brochure Printing

Professional printing and finishing can be the most important element of a brochure. High-quality materials are durable and give the appearance of put-togetherness that readers can appreciate. Excellent inks stay vibrant and do not bleed so readers can clearly read the information and appreciate the visuals.

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