Why You Need Vinyl Labels

There are countless ways to showcase your branding, but have you considered vinyl labels? These durable colorfast details can make all the difference when deciding how to get your brand noticed. Whether you are a law firm or an individual with a side hustle, a little branding can go a long way.

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a synthetic material similar to plastic and made from ethylene and chlorine. After processing, the chemicals form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin. This mighty material is resistant to moisture and is incredibly strong and durable. While used most famously for music records, vinyl has many applications and uses including labels.

Not only is vinyl tough, but it is less expensive to manufacture and is more environmentally friendly than its plastic counterparts. Because the ingredients are primarily made of replenishable materials, manufacturing vinyl products do not rely on non-replenishable materials that require harming the environment to mine or collect.

So, why do you need vinyl labels?


Stickers and labels are often frustrating to use as they may not stick to some surfaces or unique shapes. Vinyl labels are very conformable and can attach to most surfaces and shapes including curved surfaces and on surfaces that divert into multiple directions. These properties also make vinyl labels bond to surfaces and prevent lifting as the label ages over time.


For outdoor equipment and materials, labels that are weather-resistant are a must. Even in office environments, it's important to use lasting materials that do not deteriorate if exposed to moisture or sunlight. Vinyl is exceptionally durable and resists extreme temperature fluctuations, elemental exposure, and the sun.


The remarkable durability and conformability of vinyl materials are worth more than the actual cost. Vinyl is more cost-effective to manufacture as there are no extreme or specialized conditions necessary for production. As an additional benefit, vinyl labels can be completed more efficiently which can save time.

Benefits for Offices

Vinyl labels are often used for agricultural equipment and industrial machinery, but these small but mighty labels can be used in professional settings as well. Whether you use a label to brand a product or add to a display vinyl label can be a cost-effective option that lasts.

Consider company swag and personalization. Stickers with the company or firm logo can be placed on mugs, laptops, and other materials to show a cohesive brand wherever employees take their computers and tumblers. This can also act as a form of advertising if another person notices a branded sticker or label and searches for the company online.

Additionally, busy law offices can use labels for documents and presentations that could be handled by multiple people. Paper labels often fade, smear, or tear over time, but vinyl labels stay intact and vibrant not to mention in place for a very long time.

Professional Labeling

Labeling keeps documents organized and teams on track. For busy law firms or companies, finding a labeling solution that is cost-effective can be frustrating but with Acro Photo Print Inc. you can get professional vinyl labels made from high-quality materials.

Our staff offers premier printing, finishing, and labeling services so businesses like yours can succeed. Contact us today to find out more.