New Year, New Brand: Reinvigorate Your Business

Now that it is 2023, it is time to take stock of your business and branding and consider a refresh. One of the best new year’s resolutions is breathing new life into your brand identity and we will show you how. Keep reading to learn more.

If It is Not Broke….

The phrase “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” may come to mind when reinvigorating an existing brand. However, regardless of how successful a brand may be, there is always room for improvement. There are two reasons why it is important to refresh a brand regardless of performance:

  1. Polishing: Strong brands need a little polishing from time to time whether it is adjusting the font size on a business card or buying new banners for the office or conferences. Keeping things fresh helps to make a positive impression on potential clients.
  2. Getting Ahead of the Curve: Technology and trends are always changing, and while some industries feel the pressure to follow the hype, some don’t necessarily need to keep up with these trends, preparing a brand for the future is just good sense. For example, can the brand endure industry pivots toward minimalism? Does the branding translate to all devices? Keeping the future in mind means that you are taking small steps now to get ahead of the curve later.

While you may not feel like your brand needs a refresh, take stock, and check the effectiveness of your branding with your target audience. You may find areas that need improvement.

Easy Ways to Update

It’s important to note that a full rebranding may be not necessary – unless the brand is not performing – you may want to make small changes to digital and physical branding materials. While updating these materials may be expensive, there are more cost-effective ways to keep the brand up-to-date.

One way to update a brand is by improving things on the backend. Your brand is more than the business cards you use and font choices – you are your brand and how well the company, practice, or side hustle is run reflects either positively or negatively on the brand as a whole.

If there are inefficiencies in the business, it’s important to shore them up so operations run smoothly. For example, a law office that uses all paper documents and records may not be able to address client concerns or find specific documents easily. One way to improve the problem is by digitalizing documents and putting them into a searchable archive. This is a cost-effective change that can go a long way with clients and employees alike.

Another way to revitalize branding is by updating materials. If you use business cards, brochures, legal documents, and other physical media it’s important to replace them with newer copies. Faded, watermarked brochures are not a good representation of the brand. Fresh copies with high-quality materials leave clients with the impression that you care about details.

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