Benefits of Document Shredding

People have been victims of identity theft and scams due to the confidential information being stolen from a “destroyed” document. In this day and age, shredding documents has become extremely important for companies in order to protect the personal, sensitive information of their employees and clients.

The advantages of responsible document shredding include the following:

  • Gives you peace of mind. Document shredding provides companies and their clients a great deal of comfort, knowing that their information is thoroughly destroyed without the risk of being compromised.
  • Can save you money. Outsourcing your document shredding is more cost effective than shredding on your own, since an average office shredder will generally break down or malfunction more quickly if it is overused.
  • Efficient and saves time. Doing your own document shredding can take a lot of time out of your work day or work week, which can have an impact on day-to-day operations.
  • Compliance with privacy laws. When you properly shred all sensitive and unwanted documents, you will keep your business or practice in compliance with state and federal privacy laws. Being negligent when handling your old documents could result in expensive fines.
  • Maintain your trustworthy reputation. If your client or customer’s personal information has been compromised because of shredded documents from your business or practice, you run the risk of having your business reputation ruined. Data breaches can completely destroy the reputation you have built over the years. Also, knowing that you adequately handle personal information with care will only build trust with your customers.
  • Environmentally friendly. Most printing companies that offer shredding services recycle.

At Acro Photo Print Inc., we can help take care of your shredding needs and give you the peace of mind of a job well done. We are always up to date on all legislation and standards set by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID).

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