Print Buying Vocabulary

When your business or law firm can benefit from professional printing from a qualified printing company, it is imperative to understand the services you will receive. One of the best ways to become more familiar with these services is to know the vocabulary associated with print buying.

The following are basic print buying vocabulary terms:

  • AAs – An acronym for authoris alterations, which refers to changes made after a job has been submitted. You must know that often printers charge for AAs.
  • Contract proof – A color proof that represents an agreement between the customer and the printer based on the color and quality standard of the printed product.
  • Dummy – A folded sample which demonstrates the finished shape, size, and binding requirements.
  • Hard copy – A printed version of a page layout or text that is used to check for an accurate transmission of electronic files or for proof-reading purposes.
  • Manufacturing capability – The combination of supplies, equipment, and staffing that determines the potential range of products which can be produced by a company.
  • Manufacturing capacity – The total amount of work that can be produced at any given time.
  • PDF – An acronym for Portable Document Format, a PDF is a universal file format which contains fonts, graphics, images, and layout of any source document.
  • Proof – A print created from electronic or mechanical artwork that is used to produce a digital image, press plate, or PDF file.
  • Specialty printer – A printer equipped with specific printing capabilities that differ from a general commercial printer.
  • Specifications – A listing of what exactly will be used to produce a printed paper, number of pages, ink, bindery requirements, sides to be printed, and finished size.
  • Trade printer – A printing company that provides a service for other printers, not clients.

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