Why Printing is Still Part of the Digital Age

Due to our dependency on technology to access or read information, most of us believe the end is near for the printed word. However, that could be further from the truth.

In fact, millions of people still rely on printer paper to understand the world around them. The following are the main reasons why the printed word is still relevant in a digital age:

The Accessibility of Literacy

Prior to the invention of the printing press, only the elite and upper echelon had access to books, resulting in the illiteracy of the masses. In terms of modern times, not everyone has access to digital devices, which means that printed content is still an important source of information for many people.

Easier to Process

Neurological studies demonstrate that the brain interprets and retains information differently based on how it is consumed. People have been found to store information on printed content much better than digital media. This is mainly due to the richer overall reader experience, since it resonates much better than its technological counterpart.

Pleasures the Senses

As mentioned above, the printed version offers a more poignant experience, which includes a sensory one. Turning pages on your cellphone does not have the same impact as turning a physical page. You can’t smell the newest cologne scent from a screen. Specific finishes, such as metallic, cannot be presented in the same manner in the digital world. Exploring these senses creates a memorable, lasting experience for the reader.

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