What Are Blowback Printing Services?

While digital documents have their benefits, the occasion can arise when you need a hardcopy printed. Blowback printing refers to the printing process that is used to print copies of digital files, such as PDFs, especially in mass quantities. These digital files may be produced using a computer, but it is also possible that they previously were a printed file, which was scanned and digitized.

By printing off digital files, we can help you “blow back” the file into a physical format. The term originated from the microfilm and microfiche industry when physical copies would need to be enlarged, or blown back up to visible dimensions.

At Acro Photo Print, Inc., we are able to produce high-quality prints from nearly any virtual document format. We use cutting-edge equipment to produce your prints with a quick turnaround time, no matter how many copies you need. We can extract and load data from a number of sources, including:

  • Emails and attachments
  • Native document formats
  • Data sites
  • Legal review tools
  • Electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, and HDDs

Once we have loaded the data, we can ensure that your prints contain only what you need, making it easier to review and keeping printing costs low. If needed, we can also print and organize your documents with slipsheets, for easier an easier way of indexing and finding specific sections of the documents.

We also can help you get your documents ready for whatever you need with our binding and finishing services. For depositions and other uses, we can help you prepare a meticulously organized, neatly bound document for a highly professional appearance.

With more than 40 years in the industry, our New York legal printing services are well-equipped to handle your law firm’s printing needs. With rapid turnaround times, local courier delivery, and professional binding and finishing services, we are here to help your office function efficiently. Learn more about our services today.

Contact our team at Acro Photo Print, Inc. by calling (929) 244-4322.

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